Golf lesson

p1030100 p1030113 Took Steven, Andrew and Annika out to Kaitake Golf Club for nine holes on Sunday. Steven’s been telling me he hits the ball as far as Budda Watson (340 metres) with the driver. Bad luck I broke the driver three weeks back, so he now tees off with the 3 iron. So had to show him how the game is played, with the result of 4 over par for the 9 holes. The best shot being, driving the 15th green (238 metres) with the rescue. But we had heaps of fun. It was Annika’s first time golfing and she could drive further than Andrew off the tee, so won’t talk anymore about golf. We then stopped at Butlers (Oakura) for a couple of beers and a few games of pool on the way back. Worked out that Annika could also play pool, not a good result for Andrew, as he didn’t even win a game. Might have to play darts next time.

Sportsman Award

p1030135 Max had his last day at Bubbles and they went to the local New Plymouth Gymnastic Centre for the morning. They test the ability of the kids and then experience the delights of scrambling over various obstacles, jumping off objects of various heights, running/skipping around obstacles, climbing, balancing on various objects, playing with balls of varying sizes, swinging on ropes and much more. And who managed to pick up the Sportsman of the Day award, our Max (dad, was really proud). It was the first time that someone from Bubbles had won the award, so the girls from Bubbles were also really happy. And so Max won a voucher for dinner at the Lone Star Cafe, everything included.

Fishing at the river mouth


Went fishing for herrings at the Waiwhakaiho River mouth on Saturday. So caught the herrings from the bridge and Steven put them on his surf caster, chasing the bigger fish. And the fish were running. Max caught 7, Andrew 3 (all he does is knocks full cans off beer in the water), Annika 2 (the German exchange student from Hannover), myself 1 and Steven missed out totally. Take a close look at the picture, two in one go !!!!!!!

Moved to the Back Beach

p1030031 p1030024

Have moved to the Back Beach for the bigger waves for Boggie Boarding and there’s a great way to get down to the beach, down this huge sand dune, so shoes off and run like hell, as the sand is so hot, you don’t want to stop. Max and Steven have been having a few races on the boards, Max got really dumped a few times and thought about giving up boarding, but convinced him to continue. We even took Max out to the lagoon on the island. First swimming out through Shark Ally, climbing up a cliff, across the rocks to the other side of the island and jumping from the rocks into the lagoon. Not the best place to take kids but we had some good helpers (Steven and Nick). The bad news was that Max’s board broke in half after getting dumped.